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Our Vision

Build Robust Client Loyalty

  • Respond promptly to design or specification changes
  • Provide creative, innovative, and economical solutions giving clients a competitive advantage
  • Deliver high quality and accurate work on-time and on-budget

Being a small firm, we pride ourselves on our availability and responsiveness to clients.

Adopt Optimal Design and Analysis Methodologies

  • Provide flexible, effective, and integrated solutions
  • Design for manufacturability and minimized production cost
  • Perform analyses per codes, standards, or customer specifications
  • Automate design software using VBA to streamline the design process
  • Develop industry specific software to perform redundant or complex technical calculations

We solve unique technical challenges as well as manage daily tasks many clients can no longer complete in their facility.

Our Values
  • Integrity: We behave ethically and are transparent and respectful
  • Quality: Projects are thoroughly vetted and reviewed throughout the development process
  • Service: We engage clients to build trust and value in our services
  • Innovation: We develop in-house technical tools that make us efficient and competitive
Quality Design

Our professionals have diverse experience in mechanical design, injection molded products, air and hydraulic systems design, and component selection and specification. We are committed to working closely with clients and vendors to ensure project scope is clearly understood thus ensuring proper machine design and component selection. Projects are thoroughly vetted and reviewed throughout the design process and project specification changes are addressed swiftly. We are familiar with designing to codes such as:

  • ASME Section VIII Division I, ASCE, UBC, IBC
  • Certifications such as API/DOT/NACE/STI
  • AISC structural steel methods
  • R. W. Miller flow measurement methods
  • WRC 107, ANSI B16.34, ASTM A350 LF2
Quality Analysis

A finite element model is only as good as the accuracy of the geometry, boundary conditions, load characterization, material property assignments, and most importantly assumptions. Our experienced analysts produce advanced CAD and FEA integrated meshes and then apply precise structural loads and boundary conditions. Our validity checks include mesh convergence studies, constraint and load review, and hand calculations with free body diagrams providing confidence in our solutions. FEA benefits our clients by:

  • Minimizing safety and environmental risk
  • Maximizing asset life
  • Eliminating unscheduled downtime
  • Reducing design cycle time and testing
  • Certifications such as API/DOT/NACE/STI
Principal People
Malcolm Athens Malcolm Athens has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over 25 years experience, Mr. Athens has worked in the aerospace, heavy equipment, automotive, petrochemical, and robotic industries. Mr. Athens specializes in machine and structural design, product development and betterment, and structural finite element methods. John Shadley John Shadley has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston specializing in acoustics. Dr. Shadley worked as a consultant in acoustics for many years and was employed by NASA to work on the Gemini and other space programs. In 1977, he joined the Mechanical Engineering faculty at The University of Tulsa where he taught courses in acoustics, vibration, and machine design. Chase Mixon Chase Mixon has a B.S. degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Mr. Mixon specializes in 3D modeling software and techniques, and handles all sales and marketing for MDA, LLC.

Made in the USA – Our analysis models, programs, and designs are prepared by US-based professionals who work in MDA’s Sapulpa, OK office. For the security of your data, we do not use cloud services. Rather, your data is secured within MDA’s firewall protected intranet.