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Handset Receiver Design

MDA reverse developed this interphone handset receiver for aviation applications. We provided our client with detail and assembly drawings together with STEP files so the components could be injection molded from ABS plastic.

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Battery Pack Design

MDA designed and provided STEP files for this battery pack. The battery pack is injection molded using ABS plastic. No matter the file type your end process requires, we can output 3D CAD files in the required fromat. Some of the file types commonly required are: IGES, ACIS, STEP, STL, X_T, and XAML.

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Entrepreneurial Design

MDA designed this parts dispensing carousel based on hand sketches provided to us by an entrepreneur. We provided STEP files so all the components could be manufactured by the injection molding process from polypropylene.

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Handheld Meter Design

MDA partnered with an electrical engineering firm and provided design of all the ABS components of this handheld water conductivity test meter. The housing is made from injection molded ABS plastic and the seal and feet are made from rubber. We provided STEP files of all parts and detail prints as needed for inspection.

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MDA's Plastic Part Services

Part Design

MDA has years of experience designing and improving upon injection molded parts. When we design a new part or recommend changes to an existing design, consideration is given to making mass production as easy as possible. Both time and money need to be considered to ensure the part designed may be mass produced efficiently. If you need help with design and/or analysis of an injection molded plastic product or part, we have the knowledge and tools to make you successful.

Solid Modeling

MDA uses solid modeling to create 3D models of products. These models allow us to easily identify imperfections (such as areas that may cause sinks) and correct them, and perform FEA stress checks to locate areas where the part may show weakness. Solid modeling allows us to preemptively test important factors for the injection molding process before a part is produced.