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Programming Services

Being experienced professionals, we understand programming as well as physics and mathematics. Our principal people have more than 95 years combined experience in the application of various programming solutions to engineering, design, analytical challenges, and data analysis. We employ a top-down approach to programming rather than core and component. This assures all subroutines in our programs work together cohesively and reduces the chances for program bugs. Our clients work directly with one of our principal people and developer to accurately define project scope and program requirements. As seen on our project pages, we clearly document our programs and spreadsheets as well as provide user's guides when requested or necessary. We are expert Visual Basic (VB 16.0, formerly known as VB.NET), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), C/C#, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Mathematica, and Excel developers.

Custom Programs and Web Applications
  • Stand alone industry specific software
  • Web enabled calculators and etc.
  • Automation of SolidWorks or Inventor
  • Data analysis and presentation applications
  • Process monitoring based on sensor inputs
  • Data mining with SQL implementation
Excel & VBA Development
  • Custom cell-formula/VBA driven spreadsheets
  • Technical calculations spreadsheets/VBA
  • Automation of end-of-month reporting
  • Error auditing of existing spreadsheets
  • Fixing faults in spreadsheets
  • Fixing faults in VBA
  • Redesign of spreadsheet/VBA
  • Data mining with SQL implementation
Common Spreadsheet Problems We Can Solve
  • Macros that no longer work
  • Macros no one understands
  • Formulae no one understands
  • More complicated than necessary
  • No built-in checks for errors
  • Never have been tested properly
  • Yield suspicious results
  • Incorrect formulae
  • Difficult to amend
  • Difficult to use
Other Services

Learn more about our wide range of programming, analytical, and design services that assist in making your industry specific software solution a success!

Made in the USA – All programs are developed and documented in our offices by MDA’s US-based professionals. For data security, we do not use cloud services. Rather, your data is secured within MDA’s firewall protected intranet.